A 4500 square meters business center is a new construction building, a part of the former historical Pieno centras complex. Since its completion, the complex was considered as an architectural pearl of temporary capital of Lithuania.
The modern King Mindaugas business center serves as an ideal location not only for the office but also for the gallery, workshops, open-plan offices… While the top floors, with a terrace view to river Nemunas, is perfectly adapted for the conference center or restaurant (energy performance of the buildings stands for B category).

Coexisting with the past establishes the vision of ongoing business, draws sustainable growth prospects.

There are many buildings of similar conception around this historical environment that involves the confluence of two biggest rivers of the country and Nemunas Island. Just nearby, there is a developing Science and technologies promotion center which manifests fundamental human, technologies and nature values.

King Mindaugas business center is dedicated for those who aspire for representative and contemporary standards facilities.

Square meters
Completion of construction – fourth quarter of

Market leaders choose King Mindaugas business center.

Everything is suited for your fortune!


Kaunas, as a temporary capital of Lithuania, has brought together the most professional and notorious architects and engineers of Lithuania. Lithuanian creators of urban city spaces of the time impress Europe and even the world until now.

Historical Pienocentras building was designed by legendary architects Bronius Elsbergas, Jonas Kova-Kovalskis, Vytautas Landsbergis-Žemkalnis, Anatolijus Rozenbliumas. Their creative works can be admired at Australia, Asia and America too. A set of King Mindaugas’ buildings complex – a modern architecture masterpiece of temporary capital – has sustained unique details that testify to the first decades of last century.

The buildings were rejuvenated for a new life by one of the most prominent nowadays architects in Lithuania – E.T Algimantas Kančas. This artist had a colorful, proactive and passionate personality.

Soon, it will be even trendy to develop activities at the quay of Kaunas. It boasts historical buildings that are naturally beautiful, relates to centenary history and attracts not only businessmen, artists or potential habitats, but also tourists.


The key cultural, administrative and sports objects of the city, beauty salons are situated nearby. Close to the location, there are established restaurants, cafes, hotels. Also, there are spaces for conferences regarding various needs. A big and modern supermarket is side by.

It is easy to access King Mindaugas business center by vehicle, public transport or bike. It would be uncomplicated to reach other districts of Kaunas, as well as major public roads such as Vilnius-Klaipėda motorway or so-called Via-Baltica Europe road. There is a simple connection with Kaunas airport, train and bus stations.

To the bus station
To the train station
To the Žalgiris arena
To the supermarket Akropolis


  • Smooth work at King Mindaugas business center can be guaranteed from the very first minute. We are offering you an opportunity to choose up to 4500 square meters facilities or a part of it (a floor, study, office etc.).
  • The chosen rented space has a basic installation.
  • For those who want and able to do it, we can offer a possibility to install the office themselves.
  • Innovative engineering solutions allow exploiting the area of the office to the maximum extent. Recuperative ventilation and conditioning system and other amenities guarantee a good microclimate.
  • Autonomous gas-powered heating will allow you to be independent of the centralized city heating system. You will not have to deal with bills.


In free time, you will be able to relax in King Mindaugas business center courtyard’s green area and other leisure time areas. Just nearby you can find an underground pedestrian crossing to the Nemunas embankment with pedestrian and bike road leading to the Kaunas castle.

1 floor

2 floor

3 floor

4 floor

5 floor

Karaliaus Mindaugo verslo centras
(Karalius Mindaugas business centre)
Kaunakiemio st. 1A
Kaunas, LT-44351


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