YELLOW HOUSE – a famous architectural work of independent Lithuania. Its main peculiarity – complex interpretations of forms of facades that have been maintained. The building has only three floors with a sloping roof. It comprises the territory of a block from M.K. Čiurlionis street side. On the second floor, designed little offices and apartments with spacious terraces. On the second and third floors, there are little living studios.
  • Autonomous gas heating
  • Wooden windows with triple glass glazing
  • Terraces (on the first floor)
  • Safe, environmental and locked inner courtyard
  • Comfortable transportation by own car or public transport
  • A direct underground pedestrian crossing to the Nemunas embankment just below King
  • Mindaugas highroad
3 floor 2 34,56 3 floor 2 44,28 2 floor 2 67,24