This project has been established by first and second stages of reconstruction. A completely overhauled building is near Kaunakiemis street and is oriented to the inner courtyard of all block.
Particularly WHITE HOUSE, according to one of the main reconstruction architects K. Kajokas, is unique by its all areas, also because of the ability to install so-called lofts. Living premises here are bigger, for about 80 square metres per each. On the other floors, the premises have attics, because the ceilings reach almost 4.4 metres in height.
  • Autonomous gas heating
  • Wooden windows with triple glass glazing
  • Safe, environmental and locked inner courtyard
  • Comfortable transportation by own car or public transport
  • A direct underground pedestrian crossing to the Nemunas embankment just below King
  • Mindaugas highroad
3 floor 87,92 3 floor 79,86